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Commercial and Residential Eviction Division

Wright, Finlay & Zak ("WFZ") employs creative strategies to resolve some of the most complex and highly contested eviction disputes, whether it be post-foreclosure or multi-unit landlord/tenant. On the residential side, WFZ successfully handles and resolves hundreds of evictions and eviction-related matters each year. Such matters include traditional and complex unlawful detainer lawsuits, rent-control evictions and housing code violations, as well as rent board, health department and building & safety administrative proceedings. In addition to handling individual eviction matters, WFZ has also defended multi-plaintiff and class action cases involving complex rent control, code violation and habitability cases. Our seasoned attorneys are very familiar with all aspects of tenancy laws, including the Protecting Tenants From Foreclosure Act of 2009 (PTFA), Section 8 tenancy and various rent and eviction control ordinances of cities throughout California. Whether it is litigating jury trials, negotiating cash-for-key agreements or facilitating the resolution of housing code violations, WFZ can resolve your eviction-related needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the commercial side, WFZ's attorneys can assist our landlord and tenant clients in all aspects of a commercial lease, including drafting leases, negotiating workouts and prosecuting and defending lease disputes. WFZ provides complex and day-to-day eviction services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, and can handle the more complex and contested evictions in Washington, Oregon and Utah.

For more information or general questions please contact WFZ's Managing Partner, Robin Wright.