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OSHA Safety & Health

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Wright, Finlay & Zak (“WFZ”) counsels employers in all aspects of workplace safety. This includes defending the interests of such employers in State and Federal Courts, as well as before administrative proceedings. WFZ’s clientele is comprised of a variety of establishments, including, but not limited to restaurants, fast food establishments, car dealerships, car manufacturers and casinos of all sizes.

The standards, regulations, and policies subject to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as the Nevada OSHA, are complex and detailed. WFZ attorneys are knowledgeable and work with their clients to assess and respond to OSHA citations. WFZ attorneys also provide support by reviewing their clients’ safety protocols, as well as other policies and procedures for the purposes of providing recommendations for improvement, as well as in an effort to avoid future issues and/or accidents.

Please contact Bradley T. Wibicki for more information regarding our OSHA Safety & Health Services.