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Products Liability

Wright, Finlay & Zak’s (“WFZ”) Products Liability Division provides manufacturers, distributors, designers and sellers with preventative guidance and counseling, as well as litigation and trial representation and support involving the defense of personal injury claims arising out of the alleged defects in the design and manufacture of products in State and Federal Courts. Such claims include but are not limited to: defective design, defective manufacture, and defective marketing based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness. While the list of potential products subject to products liability is ever expanding, just a few of the most common products include industrial and heavy equipment, floor mats, elevators, lighting fixtures, as well as other parts, valves and levers.

WFZ attorneys also recognize the wide array of injuries that are often the subject of products liability matters – ranging from soft-tissue sprains and strains to severe spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries. WFZ works with its network of liability and damages professionals to evaluate claims in a timely and cost-effective manner. WFZ attorneys have an impressive track-record in reaching favorable results through alternative dispute resolution. However, in matters that cannot be resolved short of arbitration or trial, WFZ’s trial attorneys have an exceptional track record in obtaining defense verdicts and favorable judgments.

Please contact Darren T. Brenner for more information regarding WFZ’s Products Liability services.

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