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Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP Attorneys at Law

With multiple offices throughout the Western United States, the attorneys at Wright, Finlay & Zak (“WFZ”) have the experience you need to receive the best possible results in your case. Spanning a variety of legal services, WFZ is one of the premier go-to legal options that can handle all types of legal matters, no matter the scope. WFZ specializes in financial and business services that provides the most thorough representation possible.

Whether you are going through a bankruptcy, or are in need of legal assistance in a commercial sense, our attorneys at Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP. We will do our best to settle your court out of case, however, our firm stands ready to guide you through the entire legal process if it comes to litigation. We are seasoned courtroom attorneys that will fight to get you the best possible results in your case. Regardless of the matter, our firm has the size to handle any legal matter you may be facing. Check out our practice areas to the right and contact us immediately if you require any legal assistance.

In addition, we can proudly service our clients in a variety of other languages including: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese, German, Armenian, & Polish.