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Private Lender Services

Wright, Finlay & Zak’s (“WFZ”) Private Lender Services Division provides business-orientated legal services to small lenders concerning the purchase, origination and servicing of their loans. WFZ can assist with drafting customized loan documents, negotiating and documenting loan extensions, modifications and forbearances, drafting balloon payment notices and demand letters, and complying with state laws, such as the California and Nevada Homeowner Bill of Rights. On the collection/litigation front, WFZ’s attorneys have experience enforcing Guaranties, handling receivership actions, pursuing judicial foreclosures, navigating complex and routine bankruptcies, evicting holdover tenants and defending most types of loan origination or servicing litigation.

As General Counsel for the California Mortgage Association (“CMA”) and Co-Chair of the Legislative Committee for the National Private Lenders Association (“NPLA”), the firm’s co-founding partner, Robert Finlay, is entrenched in the private lending space, working closely with those organizations and their lobbyists to advocate on behalf of the private lenders and the vendors who support them. These roles allow the firm to stay on the cutting edge of new laws impacting the private lending space, advising WFZ’s clients on new laws and how to stay compliant.

If you have any questions about WFZ’s Private Lender Services Division, please contact Link to /attorneys/robert-finlayRobert Finlay.

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