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Our attorneys at Wright, Finlay, & Zak, LLP. “WFZ” are accomplished academics with the experience to complement our status as a premier national law firm. At WFZ we believe that our education as attorneys is never over, through educating ourselves and others we can create better legal strategies and assist our clients in a more thorough manner.

Our attorneys participate in a variety of legal seminars, conferences, and training programs. This has included multiple seminars that have been presented through the American Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program and multiple Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Seminars through the California State Bar Association. Check out the seminars we have attended here.

Furthermore, our attorneys have participated in multiple conferences that cover a wide array of topics concerning legal training, clients, & legal strategies. As nationwide attorneys we have attended a variety of these and, as a result of our discussions, have been able to expand our own legal knowledge from some of the top legal minds in the nation. Check out the conferences we have attended here.

Lastly, we feel strongly about spreading our wealth of legal knowledge throughout the communities that we operate within. This is why we proudly provide our clients with a variety of training presentations. Through these we can better inform our clients about their current, or any future, legal issues. We cover a variety of topics in our presentations that better the understanding of the legal matters that are our community engages with on a daily basis. We firmly believe that when individuals are more aware of their legal rights their outcomes when going to court can benefit greatly. Check out some of our past presentations here.

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