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Appellate Practice Division

In an increasingly litigious environment, the number of cases being appealed is on the rise, as is the need for specialized expertise in addressing the unique issues and challenges presented by appellate practice. Particularly where critical issues are at stake, it is not always enough to rely on trial counsel’s familiarity with the case to prevail on the appeal — the added edge of experienced and competent appellate counsel may be the crucial factor.

Wright, Finlay & Zak ("WFZ") is uniquely situated to provide that edge. WFZ’s attorneys have successfully handled a broad range of appeals in hundreds of cases in State and Federal Courts throughout the West Coast. WFZ has served as counsel for respondents and appellants, as well as amicus counsel for briefs on important issues affecting the financial industry. Of particular note are the major roles WFZ’s attorneys have played (as Amicus counsel) in obtaining the opinions in the seminal case interpreting the obligations of lenders and servicers to provide loan modifications, Mabry v. Superior Court, and in defeating the State of Nevada’s attempt to require trustees to be licensed as debt collectors in Quality Loan Service Corp. v. State of Nevada. WFZ has also played active roles as one of the respondents’ counsel in MDL, mass joinder and defendant class actions, successfully defending judgments and orders in favor of the industry.

For additional information, or to discuss retaining WFZ for appellate representation, please contact Robert Finlay or Jonathan Fink.