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Are you considering evaluating your estate so it works best for you? Are you concerned with how your estate will be controlled if you are unable to manage it? At Wright, Finlay and Zak (“WFZ”) we are experienced legal professionals who will treat your estate with the respect it deserves and make sure your wishes are memorialized in writing. Your estate is the culmination of your life’s work and needs to be to survive any unforeseen circumstances. WFZ is here to help you address your needs and create an estate plan to fit your situation.

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At WFZ, we represent trustees and beneficiaries in court to advocate for the distribution of the deceased person’s estate. WFZ will seek to have the estate proficiently and cost efficiently distributed through the legal system in agreement with the decedent’s wishes.

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At WFZ we are here to aid personal representatives and beneficiaries of an estate on how to settle the final affairs of a deceased person. This may be based on a will that has been designed or when a person dies without a will (intestate). If necessary, WFZ will be the bridge between yourself and the Court system to make the process as composed as possible.

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Does your estate plan work for you? Are you unsure? Are you concerned with how your estate will be controlled if you are unable to manage it? WFZ is here to help you address your concerns and needs to create an estate plan that fits your situation. A properly designed estate plan can eliminate or limit any future litigation and court involvement. Allowing your estate to distribute in a discrete and cost effective manner.

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